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About Septiclean

  • We are locally owned and operated.
  • No fuss septic tank or grease trap cleaning, wastewater disposal and effluent pond cleaning.
  • Based in Pukekohe.

For a fast efficient job, call Septiclean on 0800 687 378 (0800 MTSEPTIC)


Your Septic Tank Deserves The Right Guy for the Job

When the time comes for your septic tank to be emptied, it's important to make sure you get the right guy for the job - and that's where Brett Killick comes in.

Brett, owner/operator of Septiclean Ltd, does that job most of us forget about  most of the time, until circumstances force us to take action.

"Domestic septic tanks should be emptied every three or four years, depending on household size," says Brett. "We can respond promptly to emergency situations, but it's far better to avoid them."

Brett also cleans grease traps for restaurants, which needs doing every three months.

Prevention is better than cure. Field drains can block as a result of solids building up in septic tanks, and are expensive to repair. To help customers care for their septic systems regularly, Brett issues reminder notices.

Brett has the right size tanker to accommodate the effluent, with the right gear for the job, using late model equipment, well maintained to avoid breakdowns. He has the right approach to the job too.
"We don't just empty the tank through the mushroom -  we locate and remove the lid, which is essential to clean the tank properly," says Brett.

When it comes to disposal of the waste, Brett does the right thing environmentally. "Unlike some operators, we dispose of the effluent through a water treatment plant. We take our environmental responsibilities very seriously."

You'll see Brett's truck all over Franklin, emblazoned with his motto: "The Right Guy for the Job." You'd better believe him!

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